We manufacture new machinery and we ensure that existing equipment is maintained in optimal working order. Today, Zungu-Elgin supplies more than 350 sugar rolls per year to the global sugar industry and has a workshop specially dedicated to the manufacture and maintenance of all types of sugar industry plant and equipment. We are able to undertake fabrications and castings of any size, using our own large scale foundry and furnace facilities.

Zungu-Elgin's Geographic Footprint in Africa

Our Products:

Equipment, Spares and Services:

New Equipment

Complete Crushing and Dewatering Mills
Zungu- Elgin supplies high performance / high efficiency Mills which are designed to clients' specifications. Our Mills have been installed throughout Africa, in countries such as: South Africa, Zambia, Mozambique, Swaziland, Mauritius, and Reunion islands.

Zungu-Elgin has direct access to Tongaat Hulett for Cane Preparation and Process Equipment Designs as outlined below:

Shredders/Cane Knives (Heavy Duty)
The heavy duty shredder is a robust swing hammer pulveriser. The design permits high operating efficiency, is low-maintenance and displays resistance to damage in service. Used worldwide for the last 25 years, the shredder ruptures cane cells leading to high extraction rates.
Cane and Bagasse Diffusers
We have redesigned our diffuser to maintain the advantage of the chain driven diffuser, while significantly lowering the cost of manufacture and installation. The new modular design uses multiple head shafts and is easily expandable. Each diffuser is individually designed to suit the conditions and process specifications of the customer.
Juice Heaters and Evaporators
We have designed vertical shell and tube heat exchangers for heating raw and/or clarified juices to achieve the necessary stream process, temperatures and recover heat throughout the factory, make use of low grade vapour, evaporator vapour and condensate streams. Direct contact vapour heaters are designed to permit the use of lower grade vapour for heating various liquid streams, thereby increasing the steam economy of the factory. We are experienced in designing both long tube climbing film (Kestner type) and Robert type evaporators, complemented by the design of very efficient vertical chevron entrainment separators.
Clarifier with Integral Flash Tank
We offer a clarifier incorporating a flash vessel. This reduces the cost of manufacture and installation, as well as improving ease of operation.
Entrainment Separators
The entrainment separator design has been very successful in batch pans, continuous pans, evaporators and separator vessels. It incorporates vertical chevron plates that disengage the liquid particles by repeated change in vapour direction and impingement against the plates. The entrapped liquid is drained back into the vessel. The separator can be retro-fitted to existing vessels with entrainment problems.
Condensors for Evaporators and Pans (Internal and External)
We offer efficient disc and doughnut "rain tray" type condensers for both internal fitment and external installation to final effect evaporators, continuous vacuum pans or batch vacuum pans.
Batch Vacuum Pans and Stirrers
Batch pans are conventional vertical tube calandria pans with a central downtake, for A, B & C massecuites and refined massecuites. They are low head designs with excellent circulation characteristics, which are able to operate with high viscosity massecuites, without the need for a stirrer.
Continuous Vacuum Pans
The continuous vacuum pan is a world leader in cost effective and quality continuous pan boiling. The design incorporates a vertical tubed calandria for efficient heat transfer and massecuite flow, as well as patented transfer ports for plug flow and flexibility in terms of throughput and product. A new continuous pan which consists of two stacked floating calandrias inside a cylindrical vessel, results in smaller footprint, lower cost, improved circulation and greater efficiency in operation. The continuous vacuum pan can be combined with a vertical crystalliser to create a single freestanding unit to reduce the cost of manufacture and installation.
Vertical Crystallisers
The vertical crystalliser design incorporates finned static cooling elements, which are scraped by rotating arms. This promotes heat transfer and the rotor and stator geometry allows heating surface-to-volume ratios in excess of 2:1 without crystal settling out on the elements. Vertical crystallisers have been installed in most of the latest mill expansions in Southern Africa.
Massecuite Reheaters
This design provides efficient reheating of low grade massecuite after cooling crytallisers, and prior to centrifugation. The unit uses finned tubes carrying warm water to heat the massecuite and achieves a low resistance to massecuite flow while requiring only a small temperature difference for heating. The result is a unit that requires a low head (gravity feed) to drive the massecuite flow whilst ensuring a minimum re-dissolution of crystal. The design is backed by many years of production experience on some of the most viscous massecuites in the cane sugar industry.
The remelter design is a multi-compartment system, comprising an optimum number of tanks fitted with vortex tubes and stirrers and direct steam heating spargers, where appropriate, for complete dissolution to take place.
Sugar Driers
The rotary cascade sugar drier design draws on well-established conventional technology, but has a number of additional attractive features. A unique seal design provides maximum integrity against air/sugar leakage, ensuring high levels of energy efficiency and plant hygiene. The drier internals provide positive sugar transport and high air-sugar contacting efficiency. A wheel-driven (rather than chain-driven) drum is clean and quiet.
Sugar Refining Equipment
The designs for sugar refining equipment have been developed and perfected in the large sugar refinery in Durban. Designs are available for sugar melts, carbonatation systems, ion exchange decolourisation, ion exchange vessels and distributors, filtration, evaporators, white batch vacuum pans, condensers, pan stirrers and continuous recovery pan boiling.
Fluegas Scrubbers
The boiler fluegas scrubber design is based on the irrigated sieve plate concept, which has a number of advantages over spray scrubbers. It is very resistant to fouling with smuts or fibres and operates with a low pressure drop of 100mm water gauge. Particulate emission levels are typically less than 100 mg/Nm3. The scrubber can be designed to operate on bagasse or coal fired boilers.

Spares / Onsite Services:

  • Re-shelling, supply of blank shells and new mill rollers
  • Mill bearings
  • Scrapers and trashplates
  • Coupling boxes and tail bars
  • Worm and wormwheels
  • Mill pinions
  • Refurbishment of rotors
  • Manufacture of new shredder washboard and spares
  • Refurbishment of mill cheeks (onsite and in-house)
  • Diffuser headshaft refurbishment and supply of new headshafts
  • Diffuser sprocket repair and supply of new sprockets
  • Onsite Vessel Repairs (Tubesheet and tube replacements)
  • Site erection and installation

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