Zungu-Elgin has always been at the forefront of Heat Exchanger technology. We have a reputation for our ability to manufacture high standard, high performance heat exchangers to all specifications. One of our key achievements has been the manufacture of the largest Texas Rower rod baffle exchanger in the world. Our shell and tube heat exchangers are designed and manufactured to ASME and TEMA standards, while our pressure vessels meet ASME and British standards.

Manufacturing Capabilities:

  • Dimensions: Max 6000mm dia
  • Weight: Up to 100 tons
  • Shell Thickness: 10mm to 75mm


  • Carbon Steel
  • Stainless Steel
  • Duplex
  • Chrome Moly (114Cr / 2 14Cr and 9Cr
  • Cladded
  • Copper Alloys

Types of Vessels:

  • Drums
  • Columns
  • Filters
  • Sulphur Boilers
  • Slide Valves

Types of Heat Exchangers:

  • Floating Head
  • Fixed Tube Sheet
  • "U" Bend
  • Air Cooled / Fin Fan
  • Rod Baffle (Philips license)
  • Category 2 - 4

Heat Exchangers:

"U" Tube Bundles & Hair Pin Exchangers:
  • Stainless/carbon steel tubes
  • Tubes bent/cut & heat treated
  • Brown fin bundles
Floating Head Heat Exchanger:
  • Complete unit
  • Carbon/stainless steel units
  • Various tube sizes
  • Welded and expanded tubes
  • Pressure tested after manufactured

Fixed and Floating Head Cages Assembly:

  • Baffles carbon or stainless steel
  • Helix, rod baffles, segmented baffles
  • Fixed head exchangers - with cages built into shell depending on size
Fin Fan/Air Cooled Heat Exchangers:
  • Cover or plug type units
  • Fully manufactured new frames, braces, plugs/covers
  • Retube: partial or full retube on- or off-site
  • Galvanising on frames and braces
  • Unit pressure tested after assembly
  • Unit finally painted after pressure test to specifications
  • 480 tubes, 55 diameter tubers, 4800 lng
  • Raw gas coolers
  • Sulphur biolers
  • Swaged tubes
  • Stainless stell/carbon steel
  • Partial and full retubes
Other Heat Exchangers:

Complete manufacture of Texas Tower for SAPREF Refinery:

Tube length 24 380 x 25.0/D x 4590 off with rod baffles.

  • Helix exchangers (fully licensed for design)
  • Evaporators
  • Serpentine exchangers
  • Fixed channel head exchangers
  • Sulphur biolers
  • Reactor condensors

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