Teamwork Delivers Quality Furnace Rebuild on Time

Elgin worked around the clock throughout the festive season until mid-March this year to complete a furnace rebuild for Engen Refinery in partnership with the Engen Refinery team.

"The rebuild used some 4000 metres of 9Cr 1Mo tubing which was imported from Spain. The tubing arrived in 12m lengths and had to be transported via abnormal loads. Another unique aspect of this critical project was the incorporation of 800 000 heat transfer studs which were fused to the tubes manually," said Mr Julius Naidoo, Divisional Manager - Fabrication at Elgin.

A total of 120 people were involved with this project at our Bayhead workshop. On completion of the hydro-tested coil banks, the units were transported to the Engen Refinery in 24m long banks, as abnormal loads for final installation into the heaters by the 45 member Elgin site team.

This was the second furnace rebuild that Elgin has done for Engen. A similar project was completed at the refinery in 2010. "We wroked together closely to deliver a quality job on time," Naidoo said, adding that work already in the pipeline was also completed with no disruptions, thanks to careful planning and management.